Vision - Mission

OUR VISION is to further the innovation in urban agriculture by creating greater accessibility to resources and capital to sprout a progressive and sustainable business community.

OUR MISSION is to provide the community with affordable, locally grown, natural produce; to build careers; and to raise awareness of healthy food choices.

Why We're Here

Red Giant Union was born in 2013, and later established as a Public Charity in 2015, in Lafayette, IN by Austin Kasso. Over the years, we have become one of the most trusted and effective organizations focused on promoting, fundraising, and building urban farms to tackle food and water insecurity. We are entrepreneurs united on a mission to resolve the world food crisis.



Public Charity Status

Section 501(c)(3) is the section of the Tax Code that describes religious, scientific, literary, educational and other charitable organizations exempt from federal income tax. All charities are further subdivided, however, between public charities, which receive broad public support from gifts or fees, and private foundations, which receive almost all of their income (other than investment income) from a very narrow group of persons, such as a single individual, family or corporation. Section 509(a)(2) covers organizations that receive their support from a combination of gifts, grants and contributions and fees for their exempt services.

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Understanding Roles

Agents of Red Giant Union provide the best results for clients and facilitate partnerships within their state. We run campaigns to fund local urban farming facilities. The purpose of our farms, other than to provide a portion of free produce to the community, is to finance the development of our local food system and sprout more farms. Our goal is to tackle food insecurity.