Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Austin Kasso is a visionary, grassroots business leader, with a servant heart, social conscience, and passion to make a difference in the world. He founded the Public Charity, Red Giant Union, in order to carry out his vision of an abundance and variety of locally grown produce. He also pursues creative outlets and diversifies his career in media productions, art, and marketing.


Founder, Chief Marketing Officer


Advisory Board Member

Sankalp will advise on new technological concepts to assist farmers and will assist teams of scientists and engineers to implement these new ideas. He has an innate passion for how things work and has completed a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering at Purdue University and a masters degree at RWTH Aachen University in Germany. He has been actively involved in innovative projects such as building an electric power supply with a used gym bike, developing a data logger and app to track fuel consumption in farm equipment and contributing to the development of an electric vehicle at a university student racing team. Over the past few years, Sankalp has shown a strong interest in sustainable agriculture and is eager to use his technical skills to help enhance urban agriculture at RGU. His hobbies are playing keyboard / piano, board games, hiking, travelling and learning languages.  


California Chapter, Executive Director

Benjamin is a fourth-year mechanical engineering major at San Jose State University who is delving into the world of marketing and public relations. He is versatile in the face of any and all challenges presented to any young professional.

He has explored quite a repertoire of marketing jobs from a leadership standpoint, such as an outreach ambassador for various companies. Working alongside humanitarian organizations like Engineers Without Borders, Peace Corps, and various others, Benjamin is spearheading the Red Giant Union in the west coast as a high-powered networking game-changer for the betterment of our global civilization.


Advisory Board Member

Scott is a senior at Purdue University currently pursuing his bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and certificate in entrepreneurship. His passion for hydroponics began as a research engineer at Purdue designing and manufacturing an automated hydroponic plant growth chamber for the NASA Specialized Center of Research and Training Cuvette with the ultimate goal of growing sustainable food in space colonies. He applied his experience and knowledge to develop a patent pending, automated, hydroponic appliance that grows enough produce to eliminate a user's dependence on a grocery store for most produce.


Program Director


Advisory Board Member

Dominic advises on marketing and social media related matters and upcoming media campaigns and promotions. He has developed his own social media platform and is very prominent in the San Francisco bay area. He provides various tactics to raise awareness of Red Giant Union’s cause. Dominic is a supreme advocate of good health and nutrition and maintains partnerships as a brand ambassador with various fitness and nutrition companies currently thriving in the market. He currently holds an undergraduate degree in psychology from Saint Mary’s College of California and has been honored as a nationally recognized researcher in the field of psychology. In addition, he has also completed his undergraduate pre-med program and is currently in the process of applying to medical school.  


Illinois Chapter, Executive Director

Nicholas works with many civil rights projects in the city of Chicago and is proud to call the Red Giant Union a game changer! As we begin to make inroads in Illinois, Nicholas will be the leader in addressing food insecurity and malnutrition.